Where to publish? Some considerations among English-language addiction journals


Dr William R. Miller, Department of Psychology, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-1161, USA.


A search and survey of specialty periodicals in the addiction field identified 35 English-language scientific journals that publish unsolicited research manuscripts. Among these, the typical addiction journal publishes a variety of types of articles in one of many different citation and referencing formats, releases four issues per year to about 100 subscribers, annually receives more than 100 manuscripts for scientific review, and accepts 53 of them to be published without payment of an author fee. Together these 35 addiction journals publish over 1700 new articles each year. Addiction journals vary widely in acceptance rates, ranging from 26% to 95%, and averaging 53%. For better or worse, these journals offer ample opportunity for the reporting of scientific data in the addiction field.