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In the piece entitled ‘Alcohol in Brazil: recent public health aspects’ in our issue of April 2004 (Addiction,99: 524) it states ‘For instance, the forecast by Euromonitor is that alcohol volume sales were expected to grow by 9% in 2003, particularly with the contribution of young Brazilians taken into account.’

According to Euromonitor, the source quoted in the article, the growth forecast for volume sales of alcoholic beverages in Brazil in 2003 was estimated at 1.6% and not 9%. Euromonitor have pointed out that, when compiling year-end figures, the growth of the alcoholic beverage market was in fact 1.1%. The 9% growth forecast quoted refers to an estimate of growth in beer volume sales for the five-year period, 2003–08, and not to alcohol beverages overall. The growth forecast for the alcoholic drinks market for the same period (2003–08) is 8.15%, according to Euromonitor.

We are happy to put right this error of fact.


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