This article corrects:

  1. [Commentary] THE NEED FOR RESTRAINT Volume 102, Issue 11, 1747–1748, Article first published online: 10 October 2007

The need for restraint

David Jernigan

The word ‘drinkers’ was omitted from the following paragraph on page 1747. The text should read as follows:

Youth survey data from the United States echo Copeland et al.'s findings about the popularity of alcopops among adolescents. According to the annual Monitoring the Future survey of US schoolchildren, in 2006 76.2% of 13–14-year-old drinkers consumed ready-to-drink beverages (also known as ‘alcopops’) in the past 30 days, 73.1% of 15–16-year-old drinkers and 64.7% of 17–18-year-old drinkers.

We apologise for this error.