Supporting Information was added on 25/02/2014 after initial publication 17/04/2012.

add3845-sup-0001-si.docx29KAppendix S1 Behaviour Change Techniques used in interventions within the Cochrane review RCTs.
add3845-sup-0002-si.doc55KAppendix S2 Coding Sheet for recording presence and absence of Behaviour Change Techniques in intervention reports.
add3845-sup-0003-si.doc25KAppendix S3 Instructions for coding clinical guidance and self-help documents for the inclusion of Behaviour Change Techniques (BCTs).
add3845-sup-0004-si.docx22KAppendix S4 Taxonomy of 42 BCTs used to treat excessive alcohol use identified in 9 clinical guidance/self-help documents and 3 service manuals.
add3845-sup-0005-si.docx20KAppendix S5 Behaviour change techniques according to behavioural domain: alcohol, smoking and healthy eating/physical activity.

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