Fig. S1 Location of mTn5 insertions and gene organization in the Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae genomic region containing the XOO0007 gene. The filled triangles represent the locations of the mTn5 insertions. The arrows indicate the transcriptional orientations of the genes. The bold lines indicate open reading frames (ORFs) and the lighter lines indicate intergenic regions. Several sop mutants carry an mTn5 insertion at the same site in the XOO0007 gene. These include XOO0007-4 (BXO1814), XOO0007-6 (BXO1826) and XOO0007-7 (BXO1827); XOO0007-1 (BXO1805) and XOO0007-9 (BXO1831); and XOO0007-8 (BXO1830) and XOO0007-11 (BXO1837). The zxx301 (BXO1813) and zxx302 (BXO1815) insertions are in the intergenic region between the XOO0007 and tonB genes, which are in the same transcriptional orientation. The gene organization given here is as indicated for the genome of X. oryzae pv. oryzae strain KACC10331 (Lee et al., 2005).

Table S1 List of oligonucleotide primers used in this study.

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