Fig. S1 Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA from Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manihotis (Xam) strains CFBP1851, CFBP1851Δp44 and CFBP1851Δp44 + TALE1Xam. Total DNA was digested with BamHI and separated on a 1% agarose gel. The blot was hybridized with a 595-bp probe corresponding to the 3′ end of tale1Xam.


Fig. S2 TALE1Xam restores the pathogenicity of the nonpathogenic strain CFBP1851Δp44 after inoculation on stems of cassava plants. Disease symptoms observed on cassava plants after inoculations on the stem of the cassava cultivar MCol1522, monitored at 7, 15, 20 and 28 days post-inoculation, with the Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manihotis (Xam) pathogenic strain CFBP1851, nonpathogenic strain CFBP1851Δp44 and its derivative strain complemented with the tale1Xam gene.


Table S1 Members of the Transcriptional Activator-Like effector (TALE) family used in the phylogenetic analyses.

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