Nestling growth in the African fish eagle in Uganda


  • S. J. A. SUMBA

    1. Uganda Institute of Ecology, PO Box 22, Lake Katwe, Uganda
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    • *Wildlife Management Department, Moi University, PO Box 3900, Eldoret, Kenya.


Nestling African fish eagles Haliaeetus vocifer (Daudin, 1858) in Queen Elizabeth National Park (QEP), Uganda, attained and exceeded the adult body weights of their respective sexes by fledging time. The growth curves conformed with the sigmoid form of most animal species. The overall growth rate, K (g/day), was low, averaging 0.077 ± 0.017 g/day and the time t10–90 required to complete growth from 10 to 90% of the asymptotic weight was c. 42 days. Brood size and hatching order did not significantly influence growth rates but the sex of the young did. The tarsus, femur and humerus reached adult sizes by fledging time but the standard wing did not.