The following article from African Journal of Ecology, ‘Characteristic of natural regeneration of Aucoumea klaineana (Pierre) in Mayombe rain forest, southern Congo’ by Serge Valentin Pangou, Gema Lechon, Théophile Bouki and Antoine Mountanda, first published online in Wiley Online Library ( on 3rd October 2006, and in volume 45, issue 2, pp. 156-164, has been retracted with the agreement of the journal Editor in Chief, Frederick Kayanja, and Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The retraction has been agreed due to unacknowledged overlap with ‘Density and population structure of the natural regeneration of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the High Ebro Basin (Northern Spain)’ by Santiago C. González-Martínez, and Felipe Bravo, Annals of Forest Science (2001), Vol 58, issue 2, pp. 277–288.