Immunological evaluation of Commicarpus plumbagineus Standl. (Nyctaginaceae) use in reproductive health care in Uganda


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Commicarpus plumbagineus Standl. (Nyctaginaceae) is important medicinally and reportedly used to treat a variety of diseases including urinary tract infections, prevention of miscarriages, purification and improvement of blood texture, fibroids, dysmenorrhoea, hypermenorrhoea and coagulation of blood. Scientific validation on the claimed cure of diseases by C. plumbagineus has not been carried out. The chemical profile and bioactivity have remained unknown. The aim of this study was to improve reproductive health care delivery, motherhood programmes, management of feminine diseases and to upgrade herbal medicine through scientific validation and evidence-based research on bioactivity. The leaf and stem of C. plumbagineus were collected, dried and extracted with water. The immunology tests carried out on the water extracts were whole blood and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays using gamma interferon and interleukin-10. Immunology tests revealed that the stem and leaf aqueous extracts had an effect on the immune system at 5% and 0.312% concentration with strong T-helper 1 tendencies (good immune boosters).