Methods: The effect of pre-treatment with cisapride on colonoscopy preparation with lavage solution was compared in 120 out-patients less than 60 years and 73 out-patients 60 years or older, who were scheduled for total colonoscopy. By random allocation, patients were assigned to receive cisapride 10 mg or placebo 30 minutes before ingesting the magnesium citrate lavage solution.

Results: The cleansing results and patients’acceptance did not differ significantly in the two treatment groups in either age group. The time from the start of ingesting magnesium citrate until the rectal effluent became clear was significantly shorter in cisapride-treated patients of 60 years or more. Moreover, the residual fluid volume removed by suction during colonoscopy was significantly less in the patients above aged 60 years who received cisapride.

Conclusion: These findings indicate that the combination of cisapride and magnesium citrate is more effective than magnesium citrate alone in cleansing the colon for colonoscopy in elderly patients.