Figure S1. CHOICE study design. CHOICE, Crohn’s Disease WHO Failed Prior Infliximab to Collect Safety Data and Efficacy via Patient-Reported Outcome Measures; eow, every other week. Minimum study duration was 8 weeks. Data were analyzed through week 24.

Figure S2. Mean SIBDQ total scores by week of adalimumab therapy: all adalimumab and patients with and without fistula healing. Mean SIBDQ total scores showed statistically significant and rapid improvements that were maintained through week 24 (all adalimumab-treated patients, < 0.05 vs. baseline). Greater scores indicate better HRQOL. HRQOL, health-related quality of life; SIBDQ, short inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire.

Figure S3. Mean WPAI scores by week of adalimumab therapy: patients with and without fistula healing. Decreases indicate less impairment. (a) Absenteeism. (b) Presenteeism. (c) TWPI. (d) TAI. TAI, total activity impairment; TWAI, total work productivity impairment; WPAI, Work Productivity and Activity Impairment Questionnaire.

Table S1. Infliximab history.

Table S2. Summary of infectious SAEs.

Table S3. Mean change from baseline in SIBDQ domain scores by visit: all adalimumab.

Table S4. Mean change from baseline in WPAI outcomes by visit.

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