• Anaesthetics, local; prilocaine;
  • Analgesics, non-steroidal; tenoxicam;
  • Anaesthetic techniques, regional; intravenous


The analgesic effects of tenoxicam 20 mg added to prilocaine in a standard Bier's block (group 2) was studied in 45 patients who had their Colles’fractures reduced under intravenous regional anaesthesia, and compared both to a control group (group 1), and to a group who received a standard Bier's block combined with the same dose of tenoxicam given intravenously into the contralateral arm (group 3). Patients in group 2 obtained significantly better analgesia than group 1, as judged by a longer time before first additional analgesia was required (p < 0.05), less total analgesic consumption (p < 0.01), and lower pain scores (p < 0.01). These benefits were not obtained by patients in group 3.