Acupuncture compared to placebo-acupuncture for postoperative nausea and vomiting prophylaxis: A randomised placebo-controlled patient and observer blind trial


K. Streitberger


This randomised, placebo-controlled, patient and observer blinded trial was conducted to determine whether acupuncture at the acupuncture point P6 is effective in preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) compared to placebo acupuncture. Female patients (n = 220) scheduled for gynaecological or breast surgery were randomly assigned to two groups receiving either acupuncture (n = 109) or placebo acupuncture (n = 111). Each group was stratified for type of surgery and included two subgroups receiving intervention either before or after induction of anaesthesia. The incidence of PONV and/or antiemetic rescue medication within 24 h after surgery was the main outcome measure which showed no statistically significant difference between groups (43.7% acupuncture, 50.9% placebo, p = 0.27). The differences were more pronounced for patients having gynaecological surgery (48.9% acupuncture, 67.6% placebo, p = 0.07) than for those having breast surgery (38.7% acupuncture, 40.3% placebo, p = 0.86). The secondary outcome, vomiting, was significantly reduced by acupuncture from 39.6% to 24.8% (p = 0.03). Subgroup analysis showed no difference between applications of acupuncture before compared to after induction of anaesthesia.