Hospira wishes to make the following comment in relation to the letter from Drs Adekanye and Vasoya. Hospira Enterprises BV, the Netherlands, became the marketing authorisation holder in the United Kingdom for noradenaline (Levophed®) as from 01.07.05. The former marketing authorisation holder was Abbott Laboratories Ltd. Hospira, an independent pharmaceutical and medication delivery company, was created in April 2004 from the core global hospital products business of Abbott Laboratories. Since that date Hospira has been separating from Abbott Laboratories in other countries, and in the UK this took place in July 2005. As part of the establishment of the new company, the transfer, of the marketing authorisations needed to take place. During this transfer period and following the actual transfer, a renewal of the licence for norepinephrine (Levophed®) has taken place, and labelling changes were not considered possible during this process. The licence renewal is currently awaiting approval by the MHRA.

Hospira has indicated previously that as soon as it is possible to do so, revisions will be made to the label to address the highlighted concerns. Customers can expect to see the revisions to the product as soon as they can be implemented and a communication will be sent indicating the improvements.