The TEG® vs the ROTEM® thromboelastography/thromboelastometry systems



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  1. Errata: Corrigendum Volume 64, Issue 11, 1272, Article first published online: 9 October 2009

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Dr Keri Ashpole


We have evaluated the TEG® thromboelastograph and the ROTEM® thromboelastometer, two point-of-care devices that measure blood coagulation. During a one-week period, seven consultant anaesthetists, one consultant haematologist, one associate specialist anaesthetist and two senior trainee anaesthetists were trained by the manufacturers and set up, calibrated and used both systems, after which their views were obtained and specific technical/support information was sought from the manufacturers using a questionnaire. Although the devices shared common features, they differed in complexity and aspects of ease of use, and in their purchase and running costs.