Assignment of the appaloosa coat colour gene (LP) to equine chromosome 1


R. Terry, Department of Biology, University of Tampa, Tampa, FL 33606, USA.


A single autosomal dominant locus, leopard complex (LP) controls the presence of appaloosa pigmentation patterns in the horse. The causative gene for LP is unknown. This study was undertaken to map LP in the horse. Two paternal half sib families segregating for the LP locus and including a total of 47 offspring were used to perform a genome scan which localized LP to horse chromosome 1 (ECA1). LP was linked to ASB08 (LOD = 9.99 at Θ = 0.02) and AHT21 (LOD = 5.03 at Θ = 0.14). To refine the map position of LP, eight microsatellite markers on ECA1 (UM041, LEX77, 1CA41, TKY374, COR046, 1CA32, 1CA43, and TKY002) were analysed in the two half sib families. Results from this linkage analysis showed LP was located in the interval between ASB08 and 1CA43. Tight junction protein (TJP1), which lies within the LP interval on ECA1, was used to determine the homologous chromosomes in humans (HSA15) and mice (mouse chromosome 7). We propose that the pink eyed dilution (p) gene and transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M, member 1 (TRPM1) are positional candidate genes for LP.