• AFLP;
  • blue mussel;
  • genetic linkage map;
  • Mytilus edulis


We report the construction of the first genetic linkage map in the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis. AFLP markers were used in 86 full-sib progeny from a controlled pair mating, applying a double pseudo-test cross strategy. Thirty-six primer pairs generated 2354 peaks, of which 791 (33.6%) were polymorphic in the mapping family. Among those, 341 segregated through the female parent, 296 through the male parent (type 1:1) and 154 through both parents (type 3:1). Chi-square goodness-of-fit tests revealed that 71% and 73% of type 1:1 and 3:1 markers respectively segregated according to Mendelian inheritance. Sex-specific linkage maps were built with mapmaker 3.0 software. The female framework map consisted of 121 markers ordered into 14 linkage groups, spanning 862.8 cM, with an average marker spacing of 8.0 cM. The male framework map consisted of 116 markers ordered into 14 linkage groups, spanning 825.2 cM, with an average marker spacing of 8.09 cM. Genome coverage was estimated to be 76.7% and 75.9% for the female and male framework maps respectively, rising to 85.8% (female) and 86.2% (male) when associated markers were included. Twelve probable homologous linkage group pairs were identified and a consensus map was built for nine of these homologous pairs based on multiple and parallel linkages of 3:1 markers, spanning 816 cM, with joinmap 4.0 software.