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Effects of high temperature on the growth of European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus L.)


Correspondence: S I Siikavuopio, Nofima-Marin, N-9291 Tromsø, Norway. E-mail:


The effect of three different temperatures on growth in a first progeny generation, hatchery reared, subarctic population of European whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus L.) were investigated. The whitefish (start weight 444 g, ±SD 125 g) were reared for 60 days at three constant temperatures; 15, 18 and 21°C and under ambient light regimes for 70°N latitude. The results showed that temperature had a significant influence on the growth of the fish with the highest increase in weight increment occurring at 18°C (mean final weight 656 g ± SD 151 g) compared with the growth of fish held at 15°C (mean final weight 591 g ± SD 143 g) and 21°C (mean final weight 505 g ± SD 121 g). The cumulative per cent mortality of the fish during the experimental period increased with increasing temperature, from 10% at 15°C to 30% at 21°C. The present study indicates that the optimal temperature for farming of European whitefish is somewhere between 15 and 18°C rather than between 18 and 21°C.