Influence of dietary nucleotides supplementation on growth, body composition and fatty acid profile of Beluga sturgeon juveniles (Huso huso)


Correspondence: Behrooz Abtahi, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, G.C., Tehran, Iran. E-mails:;


Effect of different levels (0%, 0.15%, 0.25%, 0.35% and 0.50%) of Optimûn, a commercial nucleotide (NT) product, on the growth performance, body composition and fatty acid profile of juvenile Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso) (12.57 ± 0.5 g) was investigated over a 62-day period. This experiment was done in fifteen 600 L tanks, each stocked with 30 fish. Fish fed nucleotide showed significantly better growth performance (< 0.05). Incorporation of 0.25% and 0.35% NT resulted in whole body protein content elevation, but the other proximate composition indices were not influenced by dietary nucleotide treatments. There were significant differences in saturated fatty acids (SFA) and total unsaturated fatty acids (TUFA) levels among fish fed on different experimental diets, while monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), n-3 PUFA, n-6 PUFA, n3/n6 and eicosapentaenoic acid + docosahexaenoic acid were not influenced by NT. The results showed that diet supplementation with 0.35% Optimûn (NT) enhance growth performance, also administration of 0.25% and 0.35% affected chemical composition, as well as decreased SFA/TUFA ratio of Beluga juvenile.