• bay scallop;
  • Argopecten ;
  • grow-out;
  • restoration;
  • biofouling;
  • anti-fouling


Netminder®, a water-based silicone barrier release coating, was highly effective in reducing biofouling of lantern nets during grow-out/overwintering of bay scallops, Argopecten irradians irradians, in a large-scale restoration programme in New York, USA. Compared with untreated nets, scallops held in Netminder®-coated nets experienced reduced survival after 8 months, probably due to higher loads of epibionts on their shells. However, this was countered by higher reproductive and overall condition of scallops in treated vs. untreated nets; there were no consistent differences in shell growth in different net treatments. Although further testing is recommended under a wider range of conditions, we conclude that for the purposes of our scallop restoration work, coating nets with Netminder® would eliminate the need for a gear change in spring, thus reducing labour costs; the coating process should be refined so that Velcro closures of nets do not become sealed shut.