bre519-sup-0001-FigA1.pdfapplication/PDF2694KFigure S1.  Detailed measured stratigraphic sections of the Palo Pintado and San Felipe Formations; (a) sections 1 and 2; (b) sections 3 and 4; (c) sections 5, 6 and 7; (d) sections 8 and 9. For section locations, refer to Fig. 2.
bre519-sup-0002-TableA1.xlsapplication/msexcel39KTable S1.  Recalculated modal sandstone petrographic data.
bre519-sup-0003-TableA2.pdfapplication/PDF53KTable S2.  U-Pb geochronological data from detrital samples using the MC-LA-ICPMS at the University of Arizona.
bre519-sup-0004-TableA3.xlsapplication/msexcel30KTable S3.  U-Pb geochronological data for ash LT1-6 in the La Viña area, analysed using the UCLA Cameca ims 1270 ion microprobe.
bre519-sup-0005-TableA4.pdfapplication/PDF102KTable S4.  Latitude and longitude coordinates of samples and measured stratigraphic sections.

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