Editors' Report, November 2009


During 2009 (up to and including November) BJCP published 10 Editors' views and 1 Editors' report, 7 Reviews, 6 Clinical Trials, 107 Main Papers, 12 Short reports, 25 Letters, 2 Meta-analyses, 3 Commentaries, 1 Personal view, 2 Obituaries, 2 Book reviews, 6 New Drug Mechanisms, 1 Methods in Clinical Pharmacology, 14 special papers on medication errors, that were the basis of a themed issue on this topic in June, and 3 Proceedings / Abstracts.

We received 435 original submissions, of which 278 were main papers and 34 were short reports. Of this total 104 have been accepted and 192 rejected; the rest are pending a decision or awaiting revision. The end of year acceptance rate of about 52% is almost exactly the same as in 2008.

Original submissions from 01/11/08 to 31/10/09 came from 52 countries: UK (154; 19.3%), USA (84; 10.5%), France (60; 7.5%), Netherlands (50; 6.3%), China (47; 5.9%), Australia (40; 5%), Italy (38; 4.8%), India (37; 4.6%), Germany (35; 4.4%), Korea (24; 3%), Denmark (22; 2.8%), Japan (20; 2.5%), Switzerland (19; 2.4%), Spain (17; 2.1%), Taiwan (16; 2%), Sweden (12; 1.5%) and 36 other countries (<10 submissions each).

Papers were submitted and handled electronically via the Manuscript Central website.

Median times were as follows:

  • 1from submission to first decision – 39 days (range 0–217);
  • 2from receipt by the referee to return of their report – 14 days (range 0–101);
  • 3from submission to acceptance – 97 days (range 0–319);
  • 4from receipt at Wiley-Blackwell to Early View publication (replaced by Articles Accepted in March 2009) – 68 days;
  • 5from receipt at Wiley-Blackwell to print publication – 103 days.

Compared to 2008 data there has been a slight improvement in the time of submission to first decision (which is of immense importance to authors), while the other time-parameters remain broadly unchanged.

The Impact Factor is 3.128, a welcome rise of 17% over last year's value of 2.68.


Albert Ferro (London, KCL) took over as Reviews Editor from Mike Schachter (London, Imperial); the society and publishers are extremely grateful to Mike for his contribution.

Executive Editorial Board

Robert P. Bies (Pittsburgh, recently Univ. of Indiana) and Jae-Gook Shin (Busan) joined the executive editorial board.

International Editors

Alastair JJ Wood (US) Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Weill Cornell Medical College, NY and Jean-Louis Montastruc (France), Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Toulouse joined the International Editorial Board.

The Editors thank all Board Members, both Executive Editors and International Editors, for their continuing enthusiastic and competent contributions over the past year.

Logistical matters

The management board now have monthly teleconferences which have helped to streamline the journal processes. In addition, there have been two meetings in person in 2009, which have also been attended by senior editorial members of our sister publication, the British Journal of Pharmacology. The editors wish to acknowledge the support of several key individuals:

Michael Willis (Editorial Services Manager) and Katie Gibb (Managing Editor), Editorial Assistant Carys Thurlby and her successor Suzanne McNeill, Production Editor Martin Childs, and Phil Wright (Marketing) have been key members of the team, overseen as always with calm efficiency by our publisher Elizabeth Whelan.