FASTtrack: Pharmacology, 2nd edn by Michael D. Randall, David A. Kendall, Stephen PH Alexander. Published by Pharmacology Press, London, 2012. 288 pp, paperback price £22.99, ISBN: 978 0 85711 057 2



Clive Page, Director, Sackler Institute of Pulmonary Pharmacology, Joint Head, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King's College London, Franklin-Wilkins Building, 100 Stamford Street, Waterloo Campus, London SE1 9NH, UK. E-mail:

This Second Edition of Pharmacology is part of the ‘FASTtrack’ Series created as revision aides for pharmacy undergraduates and pre-registration students. The book provides good basic knowledge of pharmacology and is well organized, with sections on principles, followed by sections on the drugs used to treat different therapeutic areas. Each chapter has a section on mechanism of action of the major classes of drugs and the clinically relevant adverse effects of each drug class, followed by self assessment MCQs. Overall the authors have generally obtained a good balance of core information that is accessible, without it being a textbook in disguise! Nonetheless, I felt for pharmacy students, there was perhaps too much detail on quantitative pharmacology and perhaps insufficient coverage of safety pharmacology and drug metabolism. Surprisingly, given that this book is aimed at pharmacy students, there was very little information on drug formulations and drug delivery and how they impact on pharmacology. The only real criticism of the book would be that the two tone diagrams are in colours that make some of the diagrams difficult to read.

Whilst this book is aimed primarily at pharmacists, I am sure it would also be of value as a revision aid for medical students. In fact, my own daughter who is a 4th year medical student said she would buy it, an endorsement indeed!

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