Laser therapy of childhood haemangiomas



A total of 37 haemangiomas were treated in 28 patients by means of the flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser (FPDL). Twenty-nine haemangiomas were classified as superficial, and eight as mixed type. With FPDL treatment, excellent or good results were obtained in nearly 60% of superficial haemangiomas and 40% of mixed haemangiomas. In three of four patients with mixed type haemangiomas good results were obtained by means of Nd: YAG laser irradiation. In two patients, small superficial haemangiomas were removed by argon laser coagulation or CO2 laser vaporization, respectively.

These results indicate that many children benefit from laser therapy of haemangiomas. Side-effects were rare.

The FPDL is the treatment modality of choice for superficial haemangiomas. and the Nd: YAG laser for thicker lesions. Based on our results and the results reported in the literature, early laser therapy of childhood haemangiomas can be recommended.