Guidelines for the management of pemphigus vulgaris


  • These guidelines were commissioned by the British Association of Dermatologists Therapy Guidelines and Audit subcommittee. Members of the committee are N.H.Cox (Chairman), A.S.Highet, D.Mehta, R.H.Meyrick Thomas, A.D.Ormerod, J.K.Schofield, C.H.Smith and J.C.Sterling.

Dr K.E.Harman. Dept. of Dermatology, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, LE1 5WW, U.K. E-mail:


These guidelines for management of pemphigus vulgaris have been prepared for dermatologists on behalf of the British Association of Dermatologists. They present evidence-based guidance for treatment, with identification of the strength of evidence available at the time of preparation of the guidelines, and a brief overview of epidemiological aspects, diagnosis and investigation.