Background  There is limited information regarding quality of life in patients with inherited ichthyosis.

Objectives  To identify factors influencing quality of life in patients with inherited ichthyosis.

Methods  The study used focus groups and involved adult patients suffering from inherited ichthyosis from three French hospital centres. Group discussions were conducted by two facilitators and were continued until data saturation was reached. The verbatim transcripts were analysed independently by two investigators. Categories considered as key factors in the modulation of quality of life were negotiated until agreement was obtained.

Results  Data saturation was reached after the fifth group. A total of 25 patients affected by various forms of ichthyosis attended these focus groups. The identified factors influencing quality of life were related to physical health, daily life, relations with others or oneself. However, together with difficulties related to ichthyosis, patients also underlined some positive aspects of the disease and described specific measures used to improve their quality of life.

Conclusions  This is the first study investigating the different factors that could impact quality of life in patients with ichthyosis. This provides an essential framework from which physicians can develop strategies to improve patient care and quality of life and to develop a specific quality of life questionnaire.