The Effect of Temperature on Folic Acid Metabolism



Megaloblastic changes of the bone marrow in febrile patients have been described by Miesch, Baxter and Levin (1957), Maclver (1960), Maclver and Went (1960), Hilkowitz (1960), Luhby and Cooperman (1961), Chanarin, Burman and Bennett (1962), Lindenbaum and Klipstein (1963), Lecocq and Harper (1963), Chanarin, Barkhan, Peacock and Stamp (1964) and Chanarin and Davey (1964). In experiments on monkeys, May, Stewart, Hamilton and Salmon (1952) established that megaloblastic changes of the bone marrow occurred in association with sterile abscesses produced by injections of turpentine, and in association with infectious diseases.