The Preservation of Leucocytes for Cytogenetic and Cytochemical Studies


  • P. J. Pegg

    1. Haematology Department, St. George's Hospital, London, S.W.1
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      Department of Chemical Pathology, Westminster Medical School, 17 Horseferry Road, London, S.W.1.


The development of cytochemical and cytogenetic techniques in clinical pathology has now reached the point where standardization is necessary if comparable results are to be obtained. There is, therefore, an urgent need for methods of storing cells of abnormal cytochemical constitution and karyotype for reference purposes. Techniques for the low temperature storage of bone marrow and peripheral blood leucocytes have been published by Ashwood-Smith (1961, 1964) and other workers, and thus it was decided to study the possible application of these techniques to the storage of reference cells.