Papers to be published in forthcoming issues

A subject with populations of both myeloperoxidase-positive and -negative neutrophils

R. Hinchliffe and A. Vora

GM1-gangliosidosis type I

J. Pavlu, M. Jackson, N. Panoskaltsis

Current status of haploidenitcal stem cell transplantation

B. R. Dey and T. R. Spitzer

The MLL partial tandem duplication in acute myeloid leukaemia

J. Basecke, J. T. Whelan, F. Griesinger and F. E. Bertrand

Reconstitution of the T-cell repertoire following treatment with alemtuzumab (anti-CD52 monoclonal antibody) in patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

M. R. Rezvany, M. J. Tehrani, C. Karlsson, J. Lundin, H. Rabbani, A. Österborg and H. Mellstedt

Multiple myeloma patients with CKS1B gene amplification have shorter progression free survival post-autologous stem cell transplantation

H. Chang, X. Qi, Y. Trieu, W. Xu, J. C. Reader, Y. Ning and D. Reece

Characterisation of dic(9;20)(p11–13;q11) in childhood B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia by tiling resolution array-based comparative genomic hybridisation reveals clustered breakpoints at 9p13.2 and 20q11.2

J. Schoumans, B. Johansson, M. Corcoran, E. Kuchinskaya, I. Golovleva, D. Grandér, E. Forestier, J. Staaf, Å. Borg, B. Gustafsson, E. Blennow and A. Nordgren

Vinorelbine-based salvage chemotherapy for therapy-refractory aggressive leukaemias

F. M. Uckun, S. Morar and S. Qazi

Effect of Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin on acute myeloid leukaemia blast cells in vitro, as a single agent and combined with other cytotoxic agents

K. L. Morris, J. A. Adams, J. A. Liu Jin

Cancer specific Mucin-1 glycoforms are expressed on multiple myeloma

S. Cloosen, J. W. Gratama, E. B. M. van Leeuwen, B. L. M. G. Senden-Gijsbers, E. B. H. Oving, S. von Mensdorff-Pouilly, M. A. Tarp, U. Mandel, H. Clausen, W. T. V. Germeraad and G. M. J. Bos

Human leucocyte antigen-C in B chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

O. Montes-Ares, M. Rosa Moya-Quiles, M. Montes-Casado, N. Guerra-Pérez, J. A. Campillo, C. González, A. López-Bermejo, M. Tamayo, M. J. Majado, A. Parrado, M. Muro, L. Marín and M. R. Álvarez-López

Rapid immune reconstitution after a reduced-intensity conditioning regimen and a CD3-depleted haploidentical stem cell graft for paediatric refractory haematologic malignancies

X. Chen, G. A Hale, R. Barfield, E. Benaim, W. H. Leung, J. Knowles, E. M. Horwitz, P. Woodard, K. Kasow, U. Yusuf, F. G. Behm, R. T. Hayden, S. A. Shurtleff, V. Turner, D. K. Srivastava and R. Handgretinger

CD34+ stem cell top-ups without conditioning after initial haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for correction of incomplete haematopoietic and immunological recovery in severe congenital immunodeficiencies

C. Booth, J.-A. Ribeil, F. Audat, L. Dal-Cortivo, P. A. Veys, A. J. Thrasher, E. G. Davies, F. Lefrère, A. Fischer, M. Cavazzana-Calvo and H. B. Gaspar

Regulation of the human protein S gene promoter by liver enriched transcription factors

A. J. Hall, I. R. Peake and P. R. Winship

An open-label, unit dose-finding study of AMG 531, a novel thrombopoiesis-stimulating peptibody, in patients with immune thrombocytopenic purpura

A. Newland, M. T. Caulier, M. Kappers-Klunne, M. R. Schipperus, F. Lefrere, J. J. Zwaginga, J. Christal, C.F. Chen and J. L. Nichol

Elevation of serum high-mobility group box 1 protein during granulocyte colony stimulating factor-induced peripheral blood stem cell mobilisation

K. Tagami, T. Yujiri, A. Tanimura, N. Mitani, Y. Nakamura, K. Ariyoshi, T. Ando, Y. Fujii and Y. Tanizawa

Increased prevalence of iron-overload associated endocrinopathy in thalassaemia versus sickle cell disease

E. Fung, P. R. Harmatz, P. D. K. Lee, M. Milet, R. Bellevue, M. R. Jeng, K. A. Kalinyak, M. Hudes, S. Bhatia, E. P. Vichinsky and the Multi-Centre Iron Overload Study Group