Abstract. Following 15 mg kg-1 cisplatin to mice, the labelling index (LI) in the kidney decreased from 0–4% to & lt;0–01% at 1–3 d, increased to 1–9% at day 16 and returned to control levels by day 30. Cytotoxicity was assessed by counts of viable tubule cross-sections and recovery was incomplete up to 14 months after treatment.

Cisplatin treatment impaired the regeneration response to a dose of 16 mg kg-1 uranyl nitrate (UN) given 14 d after cisplatin when assessed by an increase in LI and sub-capsular tubule count. However, there was recovery with greater time intervals. At nine months after cisplatin there was no difference in response to UN of controls and mice previously treated by cisplatin.

Prior treatment with paraplatin or iproplatin at LD50 doses produced not only no histopathological changes but also no impairment of the subsequent responses to UN.