Jagged-1-mediated activation of notch signalling induces adipogenesis of adipose-derived stem cells


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Notch signalling plays an important role in many cell activities, involving proliferation, migration, differentiation and cell death. The aim of this study was to investigate effects of such signalling on adipogenesis of mouse adipose-derived stem cells (mASCs).

Materials and methods

Jagged1 (50 and 100 ng/ml) was added to mASCs to activate Notch signalling, 2 days before adipogenic induction. At 5 and 7 days after induction, oil red-O staining was performed to evaluate lipid accumulation. Then real-time PCR was performed to examine expression of Notch downstream genes (Notch-1, -2, Hes-1 and Hey-1) and adipogenic transcription factor (PPAR-γ). Expressions of Hes-1 and PPAR-γ at protein level were confirmed by immunofluorescence staining.


Our data indicated that Jagged1 promoted adipogenic differentiation of mASCs. Moreover, Jagged1 also increased expression of Notch downstream genes and PPAR-γ. Expressions of Hes-1 and PPAR-γ were found to be enhanced in Jagged1 pre-treated mASCs when compared to controls.


The results led to the conclusion that activation of Notch signalling had stimulated adipogenesis of mASCs in the presence of adipogenic medium by promoting expression of PPAR-γ.