Clinical significance of total IgE and of specific IgE to Dermatophagoides spp., grass pollen and other common allergens II. Relationship to clinical manifestations


Dr B. Stenius, Aurora Hospital, Department of Medicine, Helsinki 25, Finland.


The relationships of total and specific IgE levels to the clinical manifestations and atopic status of ninety-two subjects, suffering from asthma, rhinitis and infantile eczema in varying combinations, were examined. No significant correlations were found between specific IgE levels to Dermatophagoides spp. and grass pollen or between total IgE levels, and the age of the patient, nor the age of onset, duration, severity and frequency of symptoms. A highly significant correlation was found between total IgE levels and the numbers of skin test reactions to a battery of twenty routine tests and to the sum total of the graded sizes of the reactions in each subject.