Photo-inactivated allergens

II. Clinical experience with house dust allergen in pulmonary function tests and in immunotherapy


Dr E. Hénocq, Consultation d'Allergologie, Institut Pasteur-Hôpital, 205, rue de Vaugirard, Paris 15e, France.


Purified house dust allergen irradiated with UV-light loses its capacity to elicit immediate type skin and bronchial provocation reactions in the majority of asthmatic patients. However, in some patients both immediate and/or late bronchial reactions were observed to the active house dust and its inactivated counterpart.

Immunotherapy with UV-irradiated house dust allergen, which hyposensitized 66% of forty-eight asthmatic patients allergic to house dust, was as effective as treatment with aluminium oxide-adsorbed active house dust, and there were fewer adverse side-effects.