Glutaraldehyde-pollen-tyrosine: clinical and immunological studies


Mr B. G. Overell, Beecham Research Laboralories, Chemothcrapeutic Research Centre, Brockham Park, Betchworth, Surrey, England.


Grass pollen extract was reacted with glutaraldehyde, and used in the form of a lyrosine adsorbate for the treatment of hay fever. The incidence of systemic reactions was reduced by the chemical treatment to negligible levels, permitting the therapeutic-schedule to be reduced to three doses without impairment of clinical effectiveness. The levels of pollen-specific IgG antibody induced by the chemically modified material were similar to those induced by pollen-tyrosine or by alum-precipitated pyridine extract. The increase in IgE antibody induced by glutaraldehyde-pollen-tyrosine was lower than that induced by pollen-tyrosine: only the falter achieved significance.