Cystic fibrosis—immunological reactions to A. Fumigatus and common allergens


Dr C. P. W. Warren, Health Sciences Centre, 700 William Avenue, Winnipeg, Canada.


Immunological studies of forty-three patients with cystic fibrosis showed that positive prick tests to at least one common allergen were obtained in 70%, to multiple allergens in 28% and to A. fumigatus in 50%. Specific IgE antibodies against these allergens were found in the appropriate subjects. In spite of this evidence of type 1, IgE, sen-sitization none of the patients had a history of infantile eczema.

Intracutaneous tests with A. fumigatus extract gave types 1 and 3 reactions in sixteen patients (37%), only seven of whom were among the sixteen (37%) who gave positive precipitin tests.

Raised levels of total serum IgG and IgA were found as compared with healthy controls and asthmatic subjects. No differences were found in total serum IgM and IgD levels.

The high incidence of allergy to A. fumigatus in cystic fibrosis is confirmed.