City spore concentrations in the European Economic Community (EEC) I. Grass pollen, 1973.


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    The authors held their first meeting as a working party under the chairmanship of Professor R Vanbreuseghem on 30th March, 1974 in the Brussels headquarters of ‘Fonds nationale de la recherche scientifique*. to whom grateful acknowledgment is made for facilities and linanciai support of the meeting. The working party has taken the title “Aerobiologists du Marche Commun”. Membership is restricted lo not more than one from each member nation, and from time to time the areas sampled and nicmbcrshipof the group may change. The cities from which sampling results arc presented stem noi from ecological design, but from places where independent work with similar methods was proceeding.


Although clinical reports on the prevalence of summer hay fever in different parts of Europe have been published, comparative studies on atmospheric pollen concentrations appear to have been rarely undertaken. The present paper describes observations on the grass pollen content of the air at Bologna, Brussels, London, Munich and Strasbourg and is the first of a series involving international collaboration between workers in cities of the European Economic Community*.