Results of a controlled trial of the acaricide Paragerm on Dermatophagoides spp. in dwelling houses


Dr J. Charpin, Hôpital Ste-Marguerite, B.P. 29, 13275 Marseille Cédex 2, France.


The effect of Paragerm spray from either a hand pressurized can or from a general room mist device (MCR device) on mattress mite populations was compared with the effect of a control spray. After 1 month a reduction in mite population due to the cleaning procedures was evident in the control treated mattresses; Paragerm treated mattresses had significantly fewer mites, notably those treated with the aerosol can spray, nine out of fifteen of which were mite free. Dissection of the mattresses showed that some mites survive and they could form the nucleus from which reinfestation could occur.