Correlation between skin tests, inhalation tests and specific IgE in a study of 120 subjects allergic to house dust and Dermatophagoïdes pteronyssinus


Dr G. Pauli, Pavillon Laennec, C.H.U. Strasbourg 67000, Francs.


The radioallergosorbent test was compared with currently accepted allergy diagnostic techniques in seventy-four controls and 120 patients with a clinical history of allergy to house dust and Dermatophagoïdes pteronyssinus.

The results obtained with D. pteronyssinus allergen extract show a close correlation between the size of the cutaneous reactions and the serum level of allergen-specific IgE. On the other hand, highly positive skin tests to house dust were not always correlated with a positive RAST response for house dust. Similar results were found with inhalation tests. When a purified D. pteronyssinus extract was used, a stronger relationship was observed between RAST, cutaneous and inhalation tests. It can be assumed that RAST for house dust is not of value in patients with house dust and mite allergy. Our findings indicate that the correlations between RAST results and other in vivo test results depend on the purity of the allergen extracts and the selection of patients.