Precipitating factors in respiratory allergic disease in Indonesian children


Dr K. J. Turner, Clinical Immunology Unit, Princess Margaret Hospital, Subiaco, Western Australia.


Skin test results and IgE antibody levels measured by RAST indicate that hyper-sensitivity to house dust mite (D. pteronyssinus) is a major feature of asthma and allergic rhinitis in Indonesian children. Total serum IgE levels were higher in the allergic than in control children. 60% (twenty-one out of thirty-five) of the asthmatic children and 56% (five out of nine) of the children with allergic rhinitis had IgE antibodies to the helminth Ascaris lumbricoides compared with none out of four control children. A tendency was found for high IgE antibody levels to D. pteronyssinus to occur in association with low IgE antibody levels to A. lumbricoides and vice versa.