A comparative study of an aqueous grass pollen extract and glutaraldehyde-treated grass pollen-tyrosine adsorbate in the treatment of pollenosis


Dr J. M, Verstraeten, St Vincentiushospital, Ghent, Belgium.


Hyposensitization therapy gave a subjective improvement in 84% of grass pollen-sensitive patients receiving an eighteen dose course of aqueous pollen extract (SDV) and in 69 % of patients receiving a three dose course of glutaraldehyde-treated pollen-tyrosine adsorbate (Pollinex). Systemic reactions to treatment were considerably more frequent with the aqueous course, but virtually absent with the short adsorbate course, which seems therefore more convenient for the patient. The SDV treatment induced a more pronounced IgG antibody response both in patients and in guinea-pigs receiving the clinical dosage schedule. The Pollinex treatment showed a tendency to enhance the IgE antibody response in new patients.