A clinical and environmental study of the aeroallergens of the islands of Bermuda


Dr J. M. Dewdney, Bcecham Pharmaceuticals Research Division, Brockham Park, Betchworth, Surrey RH3 7AJ.


The major allergen responsible for allergic respiratory disease in the islands of Bermuda has been shown to be derived from Dermetophagoides pteronyssinus. 73% of the atopic group included in the survey gave weal and erythema reactions to extracts of this mite, whereas only 30% reacted to mixed pollen extracts and 10% to mould extracts. D. pteronyssinus was isolated from all house dust samples and it represented 63% of the total mite population. Allergic disease was predominantly of a perennial nature, with only a modest seasonal influence, and pollen counts were low throughout the year.