Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for IgG and IgE antibodies to protein and polysaccharide antigens of Aspergillus fumigatus


Professor J. Pepys, Department of Clinical Immunology, Cardiothoracic Institute, Brompton Hospital, London SW3 6HP.


ELISA has emerged as a useful alternative to other more costly and complex tests. Polystyrene microhaemagglutination plates have been used as solid phase to absorb Aspergillus fumigatus protein and polysaccharide components for detection of specific antibodies in patients with various forms of pulmonary aspergillosis. IgG and IgE antibodies to the polysaccharide as well as the protein allergens have been found. For the IgE test a double antibody technique has been developed, which is more sensitive than the conventional indirect ELISA.