Measurement of alum precipitated allergen extracts by RAST inhibition methods


Dr E. Puttonen, Hermal-Chemie Kurt Herrmann, Allergy Division, Postfach 1228/9.2057 Reinbek b. Hamburg, West Germany


The feasibility of measuring the allergenic activities of alum precipitated pollen extracts by means of the radioallergosorbent test (RAST) was investigated. Different batches of aqueous and alum precipitated birch and mixed grass pollen extracts were used as antigens. The alum precipitates could be readily dissolved with 0.1 m EDTA (pH 9.0) without any loss in allergenicity. No significant differences in RAST activities of undissolved and dissolved alum precipitated allergen extracts could be detected in terms of ability to inhibit the binding of allergen specific IgE to solid-phase allergens.