Human antibodies against antigens of the sparrow, blackbird, weaver finch, canary, budgerigar, pigeon and hen using the indirect immunofluorescent technique


Priv. Doz. Dr J. Sennekamp, Medizinische Universitatsklinik. D-53 Bonn-Venusberg F.R.G.


Detection of antibodies against various birds, particularly against exotic birds, can be facilitated using the sensitive immunofluorescent technique on avian fixed-intestine cryostat sections. Different fluorescent patterns corresponding to different human anti-avian antibodies have been observed. Sixty of 100 human sera containing antibodies against one avian species, predominantly pigeon, reacted also with all other avian species intestines; the remaining forty were more specific and reacted with a few species only. Cross reactions with antigens in song bird intestines indicate the presence of a broad spectrum of antibodies in patients with bird fancier's lung.