Lymphocytes with receptors for IgG and IgM in atopic eczema and their relationship to serum IgE levels


Miss M. A. Campbell, Department of Chemical Pathology, Westminster Hospital, 17 Page Street, London SW1P 2AR


Twenty patients with atopic eczema were compared with twenty non-atopic healthy controls. The atopic patients had significantly reduced percentages of lymphocytes bearing receptors for the Fc fragment of IgG (EAγ) in the peripheral blood. Percentages of lymphocytes with receptors for the Fc fragment of IgM (EAγ) did not differ significantly between the atopics and the controls. Serum IgE levels were significantly raised in the patient group and overall serum IgE levels were significantly inversely correlated with percentage EAγ. Although significant (P=0.007), this correlation was not strong (r=0.43) and the relevance of this to atopic disease is discussed.