Bronchial asthma due to inhaled wood dust: Tanganyika aningré


Dr P. L. Paggiaro, Istituto di Metodologia Clinica e- Medicina del Lavoro, Università di Pisa, c/o Ente Ospedaliero di Pisa. via Roma 67. 56100 Pisa, Italy


Three cases of bronchial asthma due to wood dust from Tanganyika anigré are reported. All patients were woodworkers and had symptoms of dyspnoea, cough and wheezing, and sometimes itchiness and rhinorrhoea, after exposure to Tanganyika aningré. The intradermal skin tests were positive for untigenic extract of Tanganyika aningré. In two patients the bronchial provocation test with the wood dust and with the soluble extract inhaled by aerosol was positive showing an immediate reaction; in the same patients bronchial hyperreactivity was also found. Atopy was present in one subject. No precipitins or specific IgE were found in patient sera by the immunodiffusion technique or by RAST.