A new method of Immunoprecipitation-in-gel, the Radial Immunoelectro-osmophoresis (RIEOP) has been applied to detect precipitating anti-Aspergillus fumigatus antibodies and to study the antigens present in various antigenic extracts of this fungus.

The results obtained with this method have been compared with those obtained when applying the Comparative Double Diffusion (CDD) and the Immunoelectroosmophoresis (IEOP).

The data presented prove that the RIEOP method is more sensitive than CDD and the IEOP in: (1) detecting precipitating anti-Aspergillus antibodies, since (a) precipitating bands are detected with higher serum dilutions, and (b) when using undiluted serum, the number of precipitating bands obtained by RIEOP is higher: and (2) studying antigens present in the antigenic extracts, since (a) the number of antigens detected by RIEOP is higher than that by CDD, and (b) identity/non-identity reactions can be studied among the antigens present in the various extracts.