IgD antibodies: in vitro blocking activity of IgE mediated reactions


Correspondece: Dr Carlos Lahoz, Department of Immunology, Fundación Jiménez Diaz, Reyes Católicos 2, Madrid 3, Spain.


Sera from 177 atopic patients treated by immunotherapy were screened in order to detect IgD antibodies against a purified fraction of Lollium perenne (fractions C). IgD antibodies were found in 23% of the subjects. Eight of these sera were selected and their IgD isolated by means of immunoabsorption. The in vitro biological activity of the IgD antibodies against fraction C was tested by three methods: basophil degranulation, histamine release and RAST inhibition test. In all these assays, the data obtained indicated a possible blocking effect of the IgD antibodies upon the IgE in vitro mediated reactions.