Delivery of sodium cromoglycate by pressurized aerosol


Dr J. F. Price. Department of Child Health. Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS


Sodium cromoglycate (SCG) has recently been formulated as a pressurized aerosol. Twenty-five asthmatic outpatients taking SCG via the Spinhaler were studied in a double-dummy, double-blind cross-over trial in which subjects took Spincaps containing 20 mg of SCG for 2 months, and for the alternate 2 months were treated with SCG aerosol delivering 1 mg/actuation.

There was no evidence of clinical deterioration occurring during the period on aerosol SCG. During this period however cough frequency was significantly lower and when data for the 8-13 and 14-46 year age groups were analysed separately, this decrease was seen to be confined to the younger group. Furthermore, this group but not the adults, showed a significant improvement in morning peak expiratory flow rate.

We conclude that the aerosol preparation of SCG is a useful alternative to delivery by Spinhaler for patients who are able to coordinate, and that it may have special advantages for children.