Influence of food on the absorption of theophylline from a sustained release formulation (Somophyllin®)


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Dr S. Pedersen, Hobrovej 13, DK 9000 Aalborg, Denmark.


The bioavailability and absorption pattern of theophylline from a sustained theophylline sprinkle product (Somophyllin®) were investigated in ten healthy adult volunteers both in fasting conditions and after a standardized solid meal. Theophylline given intravenously was used as a reference. The only effect of the meal was a statistically significant reduction in the rate of absorption of theophylline during the first 2 hr after medication. After that lime food had no effect upon the absorption characteristics of the preparation and the bioava liability was complete after both fasted and fed in take of the product (96.1% and 105.9% respectively).